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Selection of Artwork

September 28, 2018

Looking for the right artwork for an interior space is a super fundamental part of decorating. While it may be viewed as a seamless task, there are mistakes that can be made in the selection process. Here are some things to consider while picking that perfect piece to avoid an artwork catastrophe.

  • While making a selection, first always look for pieces that naturally flow with your space. Blending the art with your color palette in a space should always be top priority. Also, keep in mind what tone you want to set in the space. If it is a calming vibe, make sure to include pieces that exude tranquility. Always keep a balance.
  • Consider what preference in mediums you would like in your home. This includes an oil painting on a canvas, down to a plain sketch on paper. This also includes frames for your artwork as well. This makes narrowing your options down an ease.
  • Buying original art at times may be costly, however is creates a unique and authentic appearance. The quality is also superior to those that may be replicas. You also can go a different route and select a reproduced or reprinted piece for a more economical price.

Ultimately, there are many options for selecting artwork and by using these helpful tips you can create the home of your dreams.

Artist: Krystiano Dacosta
Instagram: Krystiano021

Artist: Krystiano Dacosta
Instagram: Krystiano021

Black and White Color

Why Not Black And White?

June 30, 2018

Looking for a way t0 use black and white in your space while assuring it is does not fall flat? Start off by using black and white wallpaper as your accent wall. This can transform any plain-jane area into a glam spot. Next, use black or white solid accessories along the space, pairing them neatly with the wallpaper. Want something a little more flashy? Switch it up and use silver accessories such as light fixtures or floors lamps for a little more pizzaz. Lastly, don’t forget you can always add character to any room with the some unique art.

No matter what colors may cross your mind, always stick to the color palette for what you create will become an amazing space.


Eclectic Style

Do You Have A Complete Eclectic Style Home?

June 16, 2018

Most of my friends and some of my clients live in an Eclectic Style home- and they don’t even know it. How does this happen? Sometimes spaces may lack an element to complete that harmonious Eclectic look. Typically, in your home you may not be able to pinpoint exactly where the incompleteness may be coming from- however I may have a solution. An easy fix to create a complete eclecticlook is tying your furniture, art, rugs and accessories with color. Using the right color palate will help your home have the balance for your eyes. If color is not your expertise, you can use a neutral color palate with either shades of ivory, creams or greys. Pick from the majority of color that suits your home.

Let’s create & have fun.

Eclectic Style= ( different styles of furniture from different periods )