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Selection of Artwork

September 28, 2018

Looking for the right artwork for an interior space is a super fundamental part of decorating. While it may be viewed as a seamless task, there are mistakes that can be made in the selection process. Here are some things to consider while picking that perfect piece to avoid an artwork catastrophe.

  • While making a selection, first always look for pieces that naturally flow with your space. Blending the art with your color palette in a space should always be top priority. Also, keep in mind what tone you want to set in the space. If it is a calming vibe, make sure to include pieces that exude tranquility. Always keep a balance.
  • Consider what preference in mediums you would like in your home. This includes an oil painting on a canvas, down to a plain sketch on paper. This also includes frames for your artwork as well. This makes narrowing your options down an ease.
  • Buying original art at times may be costly, however is creates a unique and authentic appearance. The quality is also superior to those that may be replicas. You also can go a different route and select a reproduced or reprinted piece for a more economical price.

Ultimately, there are many options for selecting artwork and by using these helpful tips you can create the home of your dreams.

Artist: Krystiano Dacosta
Instagram: Krystiano021

Artist: Krystiano Dacosta
Instagram: Krystiano021

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Back to Gold

July 1, 2018

Are you ready to go back to Gold? Gold is back to stay and it is truly making statements. In Europe, current trends have incorporated the stylish hue amongst a variety of contemporary looks. In the states’ we have seen companies sneaking under our noses, hints of gold in all home decor- but have you noticed? Probably not- but don’t be surprised! You will start to make more notice in market brands like Delta, Koehler, Restoration Hardware having a wide-variety of gold selections. Interested in following this trend? We got some tips to help you upgrade your life to Gold. You can integrate this trend into your home decor by starting with:

  • Cocktail Table
  • End Tables
  • Table Lamps
  • Bar Cart
  • Picture/Art Frames

Becoming trendy does not mean you have to redesign your whole home. It could be as simple as updating your accessories. These items are easy to purchase- without going into a large spending frenzy. The reality is in Interior Design, if what you are wanting to accomplish is well executed whether it is French Decor, Tuscan Style- it is all about what you love and what makes you feel good.

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Let’s Talk Kitchen Counter Tops

June 23, 2018

The kitchen is the heart of your home. It is the soul of your temple. When picking the material and color for your kitchen counter tops you should ask yourself these two questions:

    How often do I use my kitchen?
    Am I more selective towards the functionality versus aesthetic look?

Once you answer those questions then the decision of material, Granite versus Quartz comes easy.

Granites are scratch-proof and will do better with the direct heat from the pots and pans . This is great for someone who uses their kitchen often. Colors of Granite have more movement- rich and deep being more detailed. It does however need to be sealed, meaning the protective coat needs to be added.

Quartz on the other hand is not scratch-proof, but is scratch-resistance. Also unlike Granite, Quartz does not work well with direct heat-meaning if you like to cook often, Quartz may not be the right selection for you. Colors of Quartz are more solid and most part of the slab is consistent which  has a great look for contemporary or a modern look. On a plus side, it comes sealed from the manufacturer.

Your counter tops are a big part of your architectural feature. The material and color that you pick will set the tone for the rest of the home. Rule of Thumb: Your counter tops need to flow with the cabinets, floor, back splash and wall color. Once you cover that step make sure your furniture blends as well. Now, that we have the technical part out of the way, let’s create.